Helping People Recover from Illness and Become Fitter, Healthier and Happier Again

I specialise in helping people return to fitness after serious illness…..


…..Because I understand the struggles

After suffering from a life-threatening illness in 2015 and struggling alone with my recovery I decided no one should go through the ordeal I went through alone.

That’s why I decided that when I was well enough I would set up a group to help, support and offer advice to as many people as possible who are going through the same agonising times as I went through.

No one should have to go through this on their own. It’s great to be have friends and family around but I honestly don’t think there’s any substitution for speaking to people who are battling the same daily battles as you are.

About a year later Road 2 Recovery was born!

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Find out how you can get your health and fitness back on track after a life changing illness

So you’ve been discharged from hospital, signed off by your doctor and told these familiar lines:

‘You should be fine now. Take it easy and slowly build yourself back up to do what you can’

But how exactly are you supposed to do that???

The NHS are fantastic and we are very lucky to have them but unfortunately they just don’t have the funding and resources for the after-care that many of us need so badly

Do you have no idea where to start with getting your fitness back and losing the weight that being ill has caused you to gain?

Do you just want to give up every time you feel you are taking a step backwards?

Are you fed up of being tired 24-7?

Are you frustrated at not being able to do the things you used to be able to do?

Do you feel that however supportive your family and friends are they don’t really understand what you’re going through, both physically and psychologically?

Do you get sick of having to explain yourself and justify why you can’t do things and worry that people think you’re just whining and moaning?

Do you want to use this experience as an opportunity to improve your general health and fitness, to reduce the chance of you having to go through all this again?

I can relate to ALL of this and R2R VIP will help you address these difficulties